Workshops & Talks

I offer introductory talks and workshops about the Alexander Technique to corporate sector companies, the public sector, the educational sector – from primary to tertiary educational institutions, community groups, charities, and many more.

These talks and workshops may be illustrated and involve some active participation as a means of explaining the Technique further, but can be tailored to your requirements.

Occasionally I also run my own introductory workshops for individuals who want to find out more about the Technique.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact me.

  1. I have given illustrated, introductory talks about the Alexander Technique to first and second year students undertaking Health and Social Care courses in Central College, Nottingham.
  2. I have also given two illustrated, introductory workshops about the Alexander Technique to Arthritis Research UK staff at their ‘National Away Day’ held in Nottingham.

I am an experienced conference, seminar and workshop organiser and facilitator and presenter.