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The Alexander Technique with Maggie Bishop, B.Ed, M.Sc, MSTAT.

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Have you ever stopped to think:  ‘I could be better than I am. I’d love to reduce my pain and stiffness. I like to be better at doing the things I do. I’d love to have better balance and co-ordination and move with more poise and with greater freedom. I’d like to engage more positively with life instead of just reacting to it. And I’d love to reduce my stress and anxiety and gain more vitality’?

Being pain-free, having a more positive attitude to life and doing everything better in your daily activities isn’t the preserve of the young and the fit. There is increasing evidence (see the research section here) that the Alexander Technique can help you to achieve a better quality of life, and promote your health and wellbeing by helping you to do everything with a greater awareness of how you ‘use’ your body, whatever your age.

The Alexander Technique (AT), learned through a series of individual, one-to-one lessons with a qualified AT teacher can be used to improve the way you live your life whatever you do from sitting in an office for most of the day to having an active job or leisure time engaging in walking, cycling, in fact any sporting activities, playing a musical instrument, in singing, drama and other presentational activities.

The range of activities which may be improved with the Alexander Technique is almost limitless and the good news is that it is likely to bring you noticeable benefits whatever age you are or whatever conditions you experience.

The Alexander Technique is neither a therapy, nor a form of exercise, nor a quick fix. It is a set of skills which you learn from a qualified teacher over a period of time and which will last you a lifetime. And with your active participation in this ‘whole body’ approach, you are likely to begin to experience benefits after a few lessons.

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